6 Things You Must Know About the British Pound

The British pound may be the money of the United Kingdom and is just one of the largest currencies utilized by banks worldwide and so it’s also called a Major currency. In reality that the Pound sterling since it’s often known as among the earliest monies on the world, dating back to the 8th century. It’s the fourth largest traded currency in the currency marketplaces and holds value like one third-most held book money in the majority of world wide forex reserves.

The British pound futures began trading after all 1975 and so are a portion of their money futures category. The prices to your British pound stocks contract is on the basis of the U.S. dollar and also the futures track the underlying share that’s the location rate of this GBPUSD money set.

Trading the British pound stocks, traders can handle risks by hedging or speculate to the amount volatility. From the British pound stocks, the currency is the pound sterling whilst the quotation money could be your U.S. dollar. Ergo the prices to the British pound stocks reflects the worthiness of just one British pound into the U.S. buck. The British pound futures might be deducted for money or to get physical delivery too. But for day traders, the futures are exchanged for cash with the trades being mechanically locked ahead of the previous trading day.

The British pound stocks contract are standardized contracts and eliminated via the CME market. You might even trade the British pound futures the ICE market or perhaps the Eurex that includes a very similar contract specification compared to this by the CME set, however so far as volume is concerned, the market volume in CME for its British pound futures will be a whole lot higher compared to the amount from the ICE recorded British pound stocks.

While the Pound sterling was relatively cool money to trade contrary to the U.S. buck, recent technological improvements in the united states has retained the money very volatile. To get speculators this volatility equates to great short-term trading opportunities in the marketplaces. With very low intraday margin conditions to trading the British pound, the traders may very quickly get into the money marketplaces to trade the British pound stocks.

In order to become in a position to effortlessly trade the British pound futures contracts, then listed here are just two important things that you ought to know.

Number 1. British Pound futures types

The British pound stocks are standardized contracts together with each contract size of 62,500 British pounds. There are several unique contract types to that British pounds beginning from the conventional contract and the E micro futures-contract. But, once you compare the amount, the conventional British pound futures contract definitely stands head and shoulders over the E micro futures contracts.

On average, the normal British pound futures contract includes a normal worth of 150,000 contracts on an everyday basis. This high degree of liquidity helps to ensure that day traders can trade the British pound futures with comparative ease without bothering costs or assets.


British pound futures contract volume (CME Group)

In comparison, you can see that the volumes on the e-micro British pound futures contracts are less with an average daily volume of just 7,500 contracts.


British lb E micro futures volume (CME Group)

Number 2. British pound futures specifications

The normal British pound futures contract includes these specifications.

Standard British pound stocks E Micro British pound stocks
Ticker 6B M6B
Trading hours CME Globex: Sundays: 5:00pm – 4:00pm CT following day.

Monday – Friday: 5:00pm – 4:00pm CT the following day, except Friday – climbs at 4:00pm and re opens Sunday at 5:00pm CT.

Sundays: 5:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. Central Time (CT) following moment. Monday – Friday: 5:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. CT that the Following Day, except Friday – climbs at 4:00 pm and Re Opens Sunday at 5:00 p.m. CT.
Contract Size 62,500 6,250
Minimum Tick $0.0001 per British pound increment $0.0001
Tick Size $6.25 $0.625
Contract Months Twenty weeks at March quarterly cycle Two months in the March quarterly cycle (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)

As without almost any futures , traders have been required to set a performance bond or a original margin and possess a maintenance allowance. The CME futures class has a conventional preliminary margin demand or approximately $3950. But for daytime traders, the margin requirements are many less, averaging approximately $500 or so according to the futures broker that you trade .

Number 3. British pound futures

The British pound stocks are costly in 4 decimals with the GBP function as bottom money and the USD being the quotation money. The British pound stocks the costs of the location GBPUSD fx marketplaces that’s traded on the countertops. Rates are depended on a regular basis on the marker to store. Unlike the location fx marketplaces at which fast places frequently bring negative or positive roll-over swaps, at the futures store, the British pound futures automatically amount at the interest differentials. For that reason there aren’t any over night swaps or roll over penalties levied.

With each sign (0.0001) symbolizing $6.25 over the normal contract, a usual 100 pip proceed in the British pound futures accounts for $625.00 or perhaps a whole 1 penny movement is comparable to $6250.00.


British pound futures amount chart (Source Barchart.com)

Due to popularity of the British pound, trading is done at any time, although volatility is higher during the start of the London trading session which is at 7AM London time (GMT 1). Volatility dies down towards the lunch session but then picks up as there a good few hours of overlap with the U.S. trading session. It is during these periods the British pound futures experience higher volatility.

#4. What makes the British pound a popular currency?

Besides the facts such as being one of the oldest currencies in the world and a major currency, the primary comprehension behind the popularity of the British pound is its location. London is one of the major global trading hubs in the world and is one of the busiest and the largest deal centers where the GBP is used as the main currency. As a floating exchange rate, the GBP/USD which is the underlying share is also attractive for traders on both sides of the Atlantic.

The high liquidity in the currency pair makes it easy for traders to purchase or sell without any difficulty. The GBP/USD is referred to in the trading circles as the Cable. The name comes from the undersea cables that connected New York to London for direct transmission of amount quotes, which earned it the nickname of cable.

Before the U.K voted to leave the EU, London was seen as a window to the European Union which comprises of 28 nations. For many, it was as easy as transacting with London which could then passport its services onto the 28-nation economic bloc. However, this is likely to change over the coming years although there are a lot of unknowns as to whether the UK will still be able to maintain its role as the financial trading hub in Europe.

From a trading perspective, the British pound is known for its volatility and sharp amount movements making it ideal for intraday futures traders to grab a few pips from the volatility.

#5. Economic factors affecting the British pound futures

In June 2016, the UK held a referendum on whether to go on its membership in the EU or to part ways. The UK voted to leave the EU membership which sent the marketplaces into a financial tailspin before stabilizing after efforts by the Bank of England and political leaders.

While the British pound is influenced the regular factors as trade balance, economic growth and inflation, the decision to part ways with the EU, also known as Brexit has been another important factor when it comes to influencing the exchange rate.

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In fact, right after the UK voted to leave the EU, the British pound fell to a 30-year low. Since June, the British pound has exhibited higher volatility than usual with the ongoing Brexit talks that is likely to extend into the next year. Bear in mind that despite voting to end its membership to the EU, the UK is yet to trigger the exit clause, which is currently entangled in legal hearings.

Besides Brexit on a day to day basis, the central bank’s monetary policies play a crucial role. The Bank of England meets eleven times a year on a Thursday to review the economy and prepare the marketplaces for the rate decision. The central bank’s decision making committee is made up of nine members of whom five are the Bank staff made up of the Governor, three Deputy Governors and the central bank’s Chief Economist. The remaining four members are independent experts chosen from outside the bank.

The British pound is prone to be volatile to any off-the-cuff remarks by any of the central bank policy members and highly susceptible to comments from any of the three deputy governors and the central bank governor himself.

In order to be positioned correctly to trade the British pound futures, traders need to look at the weekly economic calendar in order to prepare for any potential store moving events especially speeches by the said policy makers. Besides the central bank staff, in light of the current Brexit environment, comments from government leaders can also easily influence the exchange rate of the British pound. Unfortunately most of these comments are unscheduled which only heightens the importance that traders need to be extra careful when trading the British pound futures.

#6. British pound futures seasonal tendencies

The British pound also follows a seasonal cycle with costs starting to pick up from around March – April before typically posting a high around August – September. Thereafter the British pound starts to post lows into the end of the year. This seasonality of course is put to question especially after the Brexit event which is likely to put a dent on the seasonal tendencies of the British pound.

For example, this year, the British pound futures posted steep declines in the June – July period after the Brexit vote, which was a bit earlier than the typical August peaks that are formed under normal circumstances.


British pound stocks seasonality (Source Marketqview)

Nonethelessthe graph above shows a normal pattern at the British pound stocks that is often employed to a single ‘s improvement.

The British pound stocks are among the very perfect, liquid money futures which you are able to trade. As a result of annals supporting the money, the British pound is among the earliest and is just a significant currency set this ensures traders are able to get improvement of their liquidity that’s on the GBP stocks contract to victoriously trade the futures trades.

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