How to Trade Double Tops – Winning Strategies

Today we’re going to speak of an incredibly common graph creation. It’s a reversal graph pattern, which looks at the ending of trends. If you become aware of an upside-down W creation in asset graphs, then you may consider your self comfortable with the renowned double-top graph design.

In the following guide, I am going to educate you on how to spot this blueprint and how to trade it.

Double Top Definition

The dual top is just a graph pattern with two-fold highs very close in cost. This layout is understood in every timeframe. There are always a couple of requirements to categorize a graph pattern as being a dual shirt:

  1. Two peaks which are close equal in cost
  2. Equal space concerning time between highs
  3. Volume declines over the 2nd greatest

Double tops possess a tremendous level of “cause” or break out potential whilst the cost of the asset has transferred in forth within a specified scope. Thus, once the asset finally breaks, there’s definitely an expansion in volume and cost movement. Break-outs may appear to either upside and downside. If you put in a break out of a dual shirt graph pattern, then you are going to require to keep an in-depth stop above/below the resistance and support level.

Double Top Confirmation Signal

Every graph pattern includes an affirmation sign. The dual top graph pattern is not any different.

The layout includes a trigger amount, that will be used for verifying the pattern and also for launching places from the direction of this change break out. The signal line is found in the end, between the 2 shirts of this pattern. If this point is broken up, we’ve got a change verification signal and also a wonderful chance to really go against the principal trend.

The image underneath illustrates the dual top break out, and also the break out verification activate.

Double Top

Aboveyou find a conventional double-top graph pattern of this 2-minute graph of Microsoft out of January 15 th, 2016. After having a rally on high 1, MSFT needed a slight correction before creating another top.

The base between both shirts is your signal line that is employed to ensure the design. After creating the 2nd shirt, the break out throughout the line would be that the affirmation signal of this pattern. In cases like this, the suitable moment to short MSFT dependent on the double-top technique will be with the final of this very long bearish candle, which then divides the signal lineup.

As you notice, after the dual top verification collapse, the cost continued lower, reaching $50.37 per share.

Double Top Price Target

After the affirmation of this routine, your minimal goal is equal to the magnitude of this creation. To put it differently, as soon as a share breaks from a double top formation, then the cost target may be that the assortment of the formation inserted into the breakout stage.

Above is your 2-minute graph of Hewlett-Packard out of Jan 14, 2016. The image displays still another double shirt design example, at which we quantify the magnitude of this figure and its own minimum target.

The dark lines over the image follow the cost actions, which affirms the dual shirt. The blue flat rectangle maybe your assortment of the formation. Once the cost slows the line, I used the scope to figure the cost aim of this design.

Notice the 2nd top is a little higher compared to the before all else one. Because of this sense we choose this shirt to assess how big this pattern. We extend the gloomy field area out of the shirt into the line. The number between both of these degrees is that the magnitude of this pattern. It seems that double top formation is 0.07 (7 pennies ) long.

Now that people understand that the magnitude of this amount after the dual shirt is supported we all will need to compute our minimum aim.

Simply accept $0.07 (7 pennies ) and subtract this worth from the signal line displayed on the image. Notice that the 2 blue areas are completely identical. The sense behind it is that the minimum target of a dual shirt equals the magnitude of this formation. Since the signal line is found $10.74 per share, then your minimum target of this pattern are currently at $10.74 – $0.07 = 10.67. This way, the pattern in the graph provides a chance to short HP to get a benefit of 0.63 percent.

Double Top Risk Management

Many traders assert that as soon as you trade double shirts, you should put your stop-loss above the decrease shirt. As for me, I usually do not trust this particular decree. The sense behind it is that in the event that you put you are discontinue above the decrease top, in lots of cases your win-loss ratio is significantly greater than 1:1.

Since we are aware that the double top tier achievement rate is 65%-70%, we’d be walking to a losing position with one of these types of chances.

For this particular sense I feel the stop-loss should come nearer into the entrance cost. By way of instance, you’re able to place your stop-loss at a more compact fold stage or candlestick top, which employs the 2nd underside. In the event the cost move following the cubic bottom is consistent without the corrections, then only assess the exact distance between your next floor along with the activate line, and set your stop-loss from the center.

I feel this is a perfect risk management solution to the dual top graph system. In this manner, you’ll obtain slightly 1.8: 1 cent, making the design system profitable. Take a peek at this double shirt pattern case, which contrasts the 2 hazard management methods.

Double Top Price Target – two

Above you find a conventional double-top graph layout of Facebook. The graph framework is 1-minute in March 30th, 2016.

The dark lines indicate that the dual top figure. The red beam could be your signal type of this layout. Both blue regions on the graph are the magnitude of this formation and also the various minimal target. Both reddish spots would be the 2 discontinue loss options we’ve.

In the before all else option the stop-loss order is found above the 2nd shirt. Since you view, that really is $0.20 (20 cents) above the entrance cost, and it really is really a 0.18% cost movement.

However the mark would be available $0.19 (1 9 pennies ) underneath the entrance cost and also this really is 0.17 percent. This way, the win-loss ratio that we obtain with the before all else stop-loss option equals 0.17: 0.18.

0.17: 0.18 = 0.17/0.18: 0.18/0.18 = 0.94: 1 cent

As you watch, this circumstance you could hazard 1 plus certainly will obtain greater than 1, that only does not sound right without a win ratio of 85 percent.

Therefore I suggest using the 2nd stop-loss option. On down by the next top into the point line, the cost generated just a single candle that’s maybe not bearish – it’s actually a Doji.

Therefore I use this a shirt (a cost activity amount ), at which I could set a tighter stop. What’s more, this amount is relatively the midpoint between your surface and also the line, which adheres to the contrary decree we’ve whenever picking a stop-loss level.

When setting the stop-loss, we hazard only $0.11 (1 1 cents), which is 0.09 percent. Since we now have an equal aim, we finally obtain the next win-loss ratio:

0.17: 0.09 = 0.17/0.09: 0.09/0.09 = 1.89: 1 cent

I feel that this option will be absolutely a lot better than the before all else person. After all, when the cost rises throughout the midpoint of this next shirt and the signal line, then this will resume chasing the minimal target of this blueprint.

Double Bottom Chart Pattern

The dual top graph pattern has its own identical twin – that the dual base graph design. The gap between both patterns, is the fact that the dual bottom is the complete mirror image of this dual shirt. This usually means that we all have said so much is appropriate to your dual floor layout from the opposite way.

Below is a graphic of this double bottom creation.

Double Bottom Chart Pattern

Above we visit the 2-minute graph of AT&T for Mar 30, 2016. The image illustrates a classical W Bottom graph design. The reddish horizontal beam could be your signal type of this layout. If AT&T breaks online at a bullish management, we obtain a very long signal for the minimum goal add up to the magnitude of this pattern. Since you view, the dual underside works precisely the equal manner while the double pattern!

Trading the Double Top and Double Bottom Chart Patterns

Now that you’re knowledgeable about the dual top graph definition and also the double bottom creation, I shall show you how you can trade them victoriously.

Stop Looking for a Quick Fix. Learn How to Trade the Right Way

Double Top and Double Bottom

Above you find that the 2-minute graph of Google out of Mar 2 1, 2016. The image exhibits two trading cases – a dual top and also a dual bottom chart layout.

After a good cost gain, Google creates a shirt. Then there’s just a corrective movement accompanied closely by a fresh cost gain which develops into another top. The red horizontal line at the base between both shirts is your signal line.

After establishing the 2nd top on the graph, GOOG declines throughout the crimson signal lineup. This sin provides us an affirmation signal of this blueprint and also a fantastic short prospect.

The before all else two blue regions on the graph are the magnitude and aim of this dual top graph design. The before all else red area is that the risk we’re carrying with this pattern and also the various discontinue loss locale. The prevent loss exposes us to a danger of 0.21 percent. At precisely the equal period, the minimum target demands a benefit of 0.49 percent. This way, we obtain yourself a percentage of: 2.33: 1

0.49: 0.21 = 0.49/0.21: 0.21/0.21 = 2.33: 1

After we short Google, the cost continues its reduction. 20 minutes after, Google finishes the minimum target of this dual top pattern and also we close the trade having a.49percent benefit.

The reduction that brings us the.49% benefit creates the before all else underside of the following blueprint onto the graph. After having a bullish correction and also a brand new drop, the cost activity creates another underside on the graph.

We spot that the dual underside potential on the graph and also we build our signal lineup. It ought to be set at the top, which will be located between both bottoms of this pattern. The 2nd two blue areas on the graph quantify the magnitude of this dual bottom and its individual target.

A brand new gain of this Google cost contributes to a break out throughout the line, which affirms the pattern. Our dual floor layout technical investigation shows us that a modest bottom underneath the entrance cost, which resembles an excellent locale for our prevent loss. This way, the chance we’re taking within this trade equates to 0.23 percent. At precisely the equal period, our target will be 0.37percent benefit. This way, our win-loss ratio equals: 1.61: 1 cent.

0.37: 0.23 = 0.37/0.23: 0.23/0.23 = 1.61: 1 cent.

After we proceed over the signal line break out, the Google cost continues its gain. 3 4 minutes after Google reaches the aim of this blueprint plus also we close our trade having a 0.37percent benefit.

The effect from both of these trades equals 0.86% benefit for under one hour “work”. The danger people obtained equals to 0.44 percent. The typical win-loss ratio from the 2 rankings equals to:

0.86: 0.44 = 0.86/0.44: 0.44/0.44 = 1.96: 1 cent


  • The top is now a reversal graph pattern using 2 fold highs, which is extremely close in cost.
  • The top is seen in every timeframe.
  • The base between both shirts indicates that the dual ‘s signal lineup.
  • When the cost breaks down the line after creating the 2nd shirt, we obtain a verification of this design.
  • The cost target of this dual top pattern in span equals the magnitude of this creation.
  • The risk you’re ingesting a dual top trade needs to be less compared to the magnitude of this blueprint in the span. In this way you can obtain significantly more than 1:1 percent ratio, so which makes your dual top technique profitable.
  • The identical double of this dual shirt is your dual bottom design. All the guidelines we all discussed are wholly appropriate to your dual bottom too, in the opposite way.

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