How to Trade Using the Gravestone Doji Reversal Candlestick

The doji candlestick is just one of the very frequent candlestick reversal patterns you are going to discover on the marketplace. The gravestone doji is a version of this change pattern, which we’ll pay in fantastic detail.

Gravestone Doji is a candlestick pub where the spacious, low, and close have reached the lower end of the afternoon. Even the gravestone doji is a socialist formation and its success rate is greatly developed while the candle creates at market high. The psychology behind the candle would be the fact that the bulls pushed the security till and including unsustainable amount and also the bears have the ability to sell down the security to the low by the ending of the session. The Japanese candlestick literature says a gravestone doji symbolizes the gravestones of their bulls who have died protecting their land.

Charting Example of Gravestone Doji

Now you have an comprehension of the installation, let’s ‘s review a reallife graph example.

Gravestone Doji Candle

Above is a classic gravestone doji at the end of an uptrend.

By the gravestone doji showing up this late in the uptrend, it was an early sign that the bulls where losing control and a cost drop was likely on the horizon.

Once the bears took control, this lead to heavy selling on high volume.

While this before all else example covers a bearish setup, the basic function of every doji candle is to signal trend reversals -no matter if it is bullish or bearish.

Trading the Gravestone Doji

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dive into a trading example.

It is important to mention that the risk management rules of the gravestone pattern will vary due to the size of the wick. Let me not obtain ahead of myself, we will cover this in more detail shortly.

Opening a Gravestone Doji Trade

Whenever you see a gravestone doji appear in the context of a bullish uptrend, this should give you sense to pause as the trend reversal could come at any time!

Once you identify a gravestone doji, you will want to find a trigger that let’s you know when to enter the trade.

A simple trigger is the low of the candlestick. Once a candle closes underneath this level, you can open a short position.

Gravestone Doji – Trigger Line

On the image above, you see a sketch which shows the exact moment when you should short the asset after identifying a gravestone doji. The image starts with a cost boost, followed by a bearish reversal gravestone doji.

Then a slight hesitation comes on the next candle, which is relatively small and doesn’t even can break the trigger lineup. Nevertheless, that the brief signal is determined by the next candle following the gravestone doji using a close and break underneath the trigger line.

Risk Management if Trading the Gravestone

When you trade a gravestone doji, then you want to ascertain where to set your stop-loss order.

Like every setup or trade creation, you always must guard your funding.

The appropriate location of an end loss is above the top of this gravestone doji candlestick.

The 1 caveat because we mentioned earlier in the day is that for every single gravestone doji, the amount of hazard will be different based upon the duration of this candlestick wick.

Gravestone Doji – Stop Loss

This could be precisely the similarly sketch out of above. But this period we’ve added the precise location of this stop-loss order.

Pretty straightforward perfect?

Profit Targets to your Gravestone Doji Pattern

Please understand that with out a target for when to exit a trade, you are going to see it extremely hard to show a benefit.

For your gravestone doji, we’ve invented a means on how best to establish benefit goals for when to depart the trade.

Gravestone Doji – Profit Target

Above is the exact similarly image, but this time around we’ve comprised two potential benefit goals.

The fist benefit target equals the magnitude of this gravestone doji.

The next benefit target will be double the magnitude of this gravestone doji. You need to ascertain which benefit target to utilize dependent on the volatility of this graph and how big this gravestone doji.

Risk Management Following Reaching Target 1

When the amount reaches on the before all else aim, it is possible to either opt to leave the tradeor wait to determine whether target 2 is reached.

A very simple way of protecting your portfolio in the event you’d like to pursue the huge profits is always to move your stop to break even after the before all else target is reached.

Trading using an Gravestone Doji Candlestick Pattern

Now we outlined all of the primary rules essential to trade the most gravestone doji candle, then we’ll currently cover some reallife trading examples.

Gravestone Doji Trading Example

Above is your 2-minute graph of AT&T out of Oct 26, 2015. The above image is made of bearish gravestone doji design.

The graph starts with a cost boost, which ultimately ends using a gravestone doji change candlestick. The subsequent candle following the doji breaks down the trigger line, so we start a brief position.

The prevent loss ought to be put above the top of this gravestone doji so that we protect ourselves if the trade moves against us.

Stop Looking for a Quick Fix. Learn How to Trade the Right Way

For this particular case, we will proceed with double the magnitude of this gravestone doji as our benefit target.

Eight seconds after, AT&T reaches our preliminary target. Now we can depart the trade and reserve our benefits. One other option will be to await a further amount reduction and depart the trade after.

For me personally, I always love to depart my trade in my own target benefit. Reason being, the asset marketplace moves exceptionally fast and you also usually do not need the luxury of awaiting a larger cash back. Additionally, there’s the emotional strain of always needing more, but not getting every one a movement.

It’s simply too many hassle.

As you can see, as soon as you wait around for longer, AT&T reversed and proceeded only to avoid us out from this positioning.

Let’s currently have a peek at still another trading case of this gravestone doji design.

Gravestone Doji Trading Example two

This really is actually the 2-minute graph of Visa in April 2-9, 2016. The image indicates still another gravestone doji trading case nevertheless, this time around that the outcomes are somewhat more positive compared to our before all else trading case.

The amount task is quite like your very last trading case, however in this event the asset doesn’t undo after hitting our target, but rather lasts lower.

Our primary target is situated at a space corresponding to double the magnitude of this Doji design. That is displayed on the image using gloomy lineup.

Six minutes after, the amount reaches on our original goal on the graph; nevertheless we contain that the standing assured of greater benefits.

In this trading case we’re correct as well as the amount breaks further to produce new daily highs. We depart the trade once we visit just two bullish candles in a row, and not quite doubling our benefits.


  • The gravestone doji candlestick design is a change creation, which normally employs a bullish fashion.
  • The emotional variable supporting the pattern claims that the bulls attract the equity into an unspecified amount, where the sparks find This is the reason why traders say this pattern signifies the gravestone of their bulls.
  • When you find that a gravestone doji following a fashion, you need to short the asset after a candle sticks underneath the very small body of this gravestone doji.
  • A prevent loss ought to really be utilized for every gravestone doji. This stop-loss needs to be set above the maximum point of this candlestick.
  • You have two options to establishing benefit goals when investing in the gravestone doji:
  • The before all else one will be always to seek out a cost movement add up to the magnitude of this creation. I suggest that to get lengthier gravestone doji candles.
  • The next option will be to pursue goals add up to double the magnitude of their gravestone doji. This is just a better option once the doji candle is significantly more smaller.
  • After your preliminary target is reached, you might remain in the trade when the asset keeps trending on your favor. If you would like to do this method, I advise that you stick to both of these simple rules:
  • Adjust your discontinue over the original goal.
  • Stay from the trade and soon you watch two bullish candles in a row. This signals that the bearish movement may be over.

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